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  1. Dear Blogger Pam,

    You have gone from 0 – 60 in under a minute. Very impressive! Good job!
    I like the way it looks! I’m sure you’ll outfit it nicely.


  2. Not sure what I’m supposed to see–I already left a comment. Looks great!
    Maybe only you get to see that Pam. Good work!


  3. Pam,
    WOW! Nice to see the blog in action along with momentum in Northampton. This was very easy to navigate. Great to see how things are moving in a positive direction for you.

  4. Pam,
    This is great. Your writing is wonderful and I love the look of the web page. Slick layout, great photo. I actually sat in on a workshop with Genie Zeiger a few weeks ago so reading your description was very familiar. It is quite an experience, sitting in a room with strangers, writing and reading what you’ve written. I felt quite shy but I got through it. I believe what you said is very true, writing about something helps you get perspective, and helps you survive. It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to share your work like this. Thanks.

  5. I loved Pam’s story…..I felt I was sitting right next to her. I look forward to reading more of her stories…

  6. Thanks to all of you who have left me such supportive comments about my new blog!

    I hope to be posting more writing very soon so please check back. Some of you, like my childhood friend Joan, may even find yourselves featured here in a piece about childhood or from some more present day adventure.


  7. Hi, Pam
    I loved the piece. It described beautifully the agony of bringing into the circle our very own words from our very own life experiences. What I love about the AWA method is the safety it offers with the use of “the narrator” even though it’s awkward at first. I, too, felt that same almost out-of-body feeling when I first began to write in a group. And then the healing that came with the tender regard I felt by other writers is equally powerful. I have wandered through grief by writing, and I am so grateful you will be doing a bereavement writing group for our hospice.

  8. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am looking forward to facilitating an 8 week Spirit of the Written Word writing workshop for Hospice of Franklin County this fall.


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