Pam Roberts is a published writer, artist and certified yoga teacher who facilitates Spirit of the Written Word writing workshops for people touched by cancer, loss or addiction. She also leads Spirit of the Written Word groups for the general population and is available to work with you one-on-one or in a group of your own making.

A breast cancer survivor, Pam also presents 1 in 8: The Torso Project, the hands-on healing art workshops, exhibits and book for women affected by breast cancer. Please visit the website 1 in 8: The Torso Project ( for more info or to buy the book.

You can also visit the website Pam Roberts ( to learn more about Pam’s offerings, including  Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors held in Greenfield MA.

All programs for people affected by cancer are free, thanks to funding support from Cancer Connection, Rays of Hope, Wheeling for Healing and others. Thank you to these wonderful organizations and events.


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